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  • Prevent Windows changing drive letter for a USB drive - A common problem with Windows is that when you plug in a USB drive it may acquire a new drive letter. Usually this is no problem, but if you use the drive with a program that wants the data to … Continue reading
  • Word Tips: Formatting numbers in numbered lists - One of my pet irritations is making a numbered list and discovering that the numbers seem to arbitrarily change font. eg 1. This is point 1 2. this is point 2 3. this is point 3 Easy Solution: …
  • Public understanding of science in the US - I came across some data from the National Science Foundation in the US. They surveyed ~2000 members of the public in 2012 (but there is also data going back to the 1980s)  with some simple questions assessing basic science knowledge. … Continue reading
  • Jill does well at the camera club presentation evening - Jill is doing fantastically well in her photography. She came away from the presentation evening with 2 trophies ... Continue reading →
  • Creating pretty drawings in powerpoint - If you want to create drawings like the one to the right using a program you already know how to use, I have written a tutorial that may help you. Powerpoint is not ideal for this sort of drawing, but … Continue reading
  • Backups… - Tidying my room today I came across a very dusty doc I had made yonks ago on the importance of computer backup. It had the “Backup song” that parodies the song “Yesterday” by the Beatles.  I rather like it, and … Continue reading
  • RIP Terry Pratchet - Alas, DEATH has come to take Terry Pratchett from us. Viv has written on this on one of her blogs – clearly she was greatly affected. Read her comments HERE.  
  • Lecturer of the Year Awards 2014 - I just got a pleasant surprise. Reading through the latest School of BioSciences newsletter I found I had been #8 in Australia in the Lecturer of the Year nominations. Newsletter Item Lecturer of the Year Awards 2014
  • Photoshop’s content aware fill - Just had a little play with Photoshop with a picture with converging verticals. here is the image taken looking upwards so the verticals converge I used the perspective crop tool to correct the convergence, leaving a blank wedge at the … Continue reading
  • Trends in VCE enrolments 1995-2014 - Some interesting data I came across, showing patterns of enrolments over time for subjects in year 11 (the start of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) that is our final educational qualification before tertiary/post-secondary studies).