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  • Prevent Windows changing drive letter for a USB drive - A common problem with Windows is that when you plug in a USB drive it may acquire a new drive letter. Usually this is no problem, but if you use the drive with a program that wants the data to be on the same drive each time it is inserted, you need to force Windows to use the same drive letter. Doing so is not hard. Here I will illustrate using Windows 7. Continue reading
  • Word Tips: Formatting numbers in numbered lists - One of my pet irritations is making a numbered list and discovering that the numbers seem to arbitrarily change font. eg 1. This is point 1 2. this is point 2 3. this is point 3 Easy Solution: …
  • Public understanding of science in the US - I came across some data from the National Science Foundation in the US. They surveyed ~2000 members of the public in 2012 (but there is also data going back to the 1980s)  with some simple questions assessing basic science knowledge. … Continue reading
  • Jill does well at the camera club presentation evening - Jill is doing fantastically well in her photography. She came away from the presentation evening with 2 trophies ... Continue reading
  • Creating pretty drawings in powerpoint - If you want to create drawings like the one to the right using a program you already know how to use, I have written a tutorial that may help you. Powerpoint is not ideal for this sort of drawing, but … Continue reading
  • Backups… - Tidying my room today I came across a very dusty doc I had made yonks ago on the importance of computer backup. It had the “Backup song” that parodies the song “Yesterday” by the Beatles.  I rather like it, and … Continue reading
  • RIP Terry Pratchet - Alas, DEATH has come to take Terry Pratchett from us. Viv has written on this on one of her blogs – clearly she was greatly affected. Read her comments HERE.  
  • Lecturer of the Year Awards 2014 - I just got a pleasant surprise. Reading through the latest School of BioSciences newsletter I found I had been #8 in Australia in the Lecturer of the Year nominations. Newsletter Item Lecturer of the Year Awards 2014
  • Photoshop’s content aware fill - Just had a little play with Photoshop with a picture with converging verticals. here is the image taken looking upwards so the verticals converge I used the perspective crop tool to correct the convergence, leaving a blank wedge at the … Continue reading
  • Trends in VCE enrolments 1995-2014 - Some interesting data I came across, showing patterns of enrolments over time for subjects in year 11 (the start of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) that is our final educational qualification before tertiary/post-secondary studies).